​Many of the calls we get sound like "We have had a lot of people look at our system and cannot figure out....." This is a proud area for us. Understanding HVAC systems is more than understanding what is supposed to happen. You need to know why it is happening. A Technician is trained to find what is broken and make it work like it did. An HVAC Expert understands all aspects of HVAC including theory, application, design, and operation. This is why we answer these calls with confidence....

some of our jobs

We take pride in our desire to continuously improve who we are. We take pictures of our jobs and review the final products looking for places to improve. 

Great Barrington, MA Commercial 

This customer showed us their utility bills and asked for help. We reviewed the existing system and installation. What we learned was the system was piped incorrectly for decades causing massive problems with comfort levels and extreme utilities. After re-piping the mains and replacing the boiler the customer has complete comfort without large utility bills.  

Berkshire County, MA Residential

We were asked to remove the electric and oil heat for this home and upgrade them to propane with AC. We installed a complete Trane modulating zone system, all new ducts, a modulating XC95m LP Furnace and a Trane 18 SEER Communicating Air Source Heat Pump. 

South Egremont, MA Residential

This customer built an addition to his home and wanted air conditioning and radiant. We used the Trane Comfort Link II zoning with modulating equipment to cool the home with a Heat Pump. For the boiler we used a Weil McLain WM97 boiler that included heating the pool, domestic hot water, and the radiant. By using technology and understanding what is available for product lines we filled all the needs of the home. 

Hadley, MA Commercial 

We were called in to help on this project when the prints did not match the actual building. We were able to design the system in real time working with the builder using our team for the installation. The customer received greater value out of his system and the builder was able to finish the job on time. Everyone came out ahead on this job including the owner. Along the way we cut almost $20,000 out of the scope of work. 

Saugerties, NY

This is a 10,000 sq' home that has in floor radiant installed and an indoor full size pool. The Buderus boilers were installed several years ago and did not heat the home evenly or efficiently. We found several ways to improve the system using the controls the way they were meant to be used. We found some of the loops off and an entire manifold hidden and not hooked up. The duct system for the air conditioning was so bad we manipulated the refrigerant system to remove the maximum capacity while preventing wear and tear on the system. 

Williamstown, MA Residential

We added air conditioning to the home using Trane Heat Pumps. The neat part of this job was running the pipes down the side of the home and underground. We used two indoor units and two outdoor units and relocated the Daikin unit. We were able to run the ducts in the basement in a way that still allowed the customer to use the space. We kept the ducts out of the way in the attic to allow maximum storage room. 

Monterey, MA

This customer had their boiler installed 8 years ago. Each year their service company would come out and tell them they did not have enough heat in the house. We were called out after an additional $10,000 was spent to add more heat. Turns out the boiler was piped wrong and the freeze protection was never checked. We piped the boiler properly, installed the controls properly, and lowered the water delivery temperature using outdoor reset. the customer saw immediate results in energy reduction and increased comfort. 

Berkshire County, MA Residential

This was one of the most challenging duct systems we have done. It may not look like much but there are 110 custom duct transitions in this home. All measured inch by inch and made in our sheet metal shop. We removed two old systems and installed one trane modulating/communicating zone system with 5 zones, one Trane Air Handler and one Trane XV20i Air Source Heat Pump. The hydronic system in the home was also replaced at the same time. This house was fun. Unfortunately you cannot see all of the ducts. They are hidden behind walls, in the attic, in the floor systems, and covered with custom woodwork. 

Stockbridge, MA Residential

This is a new construction 3 zone house. We used Trane modulating zoning with a 20 SEER modulating heat pump and modulating gas furnace. We were able to eliminate the need for a second unit by making a small chase with some creative ductwork. The customer was able to get maximum rebates through MassSave. 

Pittsfield, MA Restaurant

To help cool off the Dining Room we installed a Trane wall mount ductless split. This unit provides heating as well in the shoulder seasons to save the tenant money in using the existing steam heating. The versatility of the mini-split allowed us to run the pipes in awkward positions inside the building preventing the need for construction. 

Waltham, MA Commercial 

The was a Value Engineering job for us. The project started off at +$300k for HVAC. We re-designed the system and completed the project for $160k with high efficient equipment saving upfront costs, maintenance costs, and utility costs. For this job we used a product called "Blue Duct" by ACQ Industries.

East Longmeadow, MA Commercial 

This was the perfect application for Daikin VRV. The project had a total of 45 indoor units and 3 outdoor units controlled by one ITM. Every office has a control and the common areas are fed by an existing unit outside of the building. The cost increase to make this project VRV instead of conventional zoned equipment was minimal. The customer didn't bat an eye when presented with the VRV option!


Austerlitz, NY 

This is in a +5,000 sq' home with radiant. The home uses a wood boiler to supplement an oil boiler and heats a pool. None of the zones would heat well and the wood boiler was not being utilized. You can see in the pictures the home owner had to shut valves on'off to control the zone temperatures. We re-piped the system and installed an automatic system for the wood boiler. Now everything works as it is supposed to costing a lot less to operate.